Dmitry Belenky

School Counselor


Mr. Dmitry Belenky is NYS Licensed Mental Health Counselor with 20 years of clinical child and family psychotherapy experience. Mr. Belenky’s in-depth knowledge of effective cognitive behavioral therapeutic techniques and work with individuals from diverse social groups, ages and backgrounds enables him to offer counseling that produces fast, measurable results which enable individuals to live life to their fullest.

Currently, Mr. Belenky provides Counseling and Crisis Intervention to academically and behaviorally challenged scholars at Brilla College Prep.  Mr. Belenky provides consultation to teachers by enhancing teacher-child relationships. Consultation to families is provided by Mr. Belenky to assist the family in obtaining the urgent mental health care they require to stabilize themselves. 

Mr. Dmitry Belenky originally immigrated to USA from the former Soviet Union, Ukraine in November 1980.  Mr. Belenky strived through an adjustment period in USA that sparked his interest in the counseling profession in young adulthood.

After graduating from Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn New York in 1990, Mr. Belenky was accepted into John Jay College of Criminal Justice.  Mr. Belenky graduated Cum Laude in June 1996 with Masters degree in Forensic Psychology.

Mr. Belenky provided counseling to family and children as a consultant 1996 to 2006.  Later in 2006, Mr. Belenky was awarded Mental Health Counseling license by NYS Department of Education that further excelled and sparked his career and passion of helping disadvantaged NYC public school children and their families find meaning and attain achievement in their own lives.

Mr. Belenky currently lives with wife and children in Rego Park, NY.