Grace Song

Teacher - Grade Level Chair

“Everybody has talent, but ability takes hard work.” Michael Jordan

Grace Song is a founding teacher at Brilla College Prep and Kindergarten Grade & Content Lead. Ms. Song graduated from New York University for undergraduate as well as graduate school, Ms. Song holds a dual B.A. in General Education/Special Education with a concentration in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Literacy. Ms. Song started her career in education in 2007 in Westchester, she then transitioned to an urban charter school to serve as a founding teacher. Growing up in the Bronx and spending her formative years in Westchester, she sometimes feels like a small town girl in the big city, but she is ready to continue serving the South Bronx community with the Brilla College Prep family. Even though she has been in different educational settings and positions, her goal remains the same: Help students to become the best person they can be by showing them anything is possible and that hard work will get them there.